NomadKey Review: The Best Partner For Your Smartphone

I recently received the NomadKey from San Francisco based company Nomad. For those who don’t know yet this is a small key sized USB cable that can attach to a keychain and can be used to charge your device. What it does is it basically eliminates the need for any USB cord that tends to get messy when placed inside a bag or your pocket.

Nomad sent me two versions of this charging accessory. One that works for most Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices. Another that works with iOS devices using the lightning port. I’ve been using the microUSB version for two days now and I must say that I am pretty impressed with it.
What I like about the NomadKey is that it is highly portable. You just simply attach it to your keychain and forget about it. When you need it to charge your device it is always there. If your smartphone regularly runs out of power whenever you are out then this accessory is highly recommended.

Some of the advantages of the NomadKey over a standard USB cord are listed below.
  • Portable: It’s just the size of a key.
  • Durable and Rugged: It is made of engineering-grade polycarbonate from Bayer and a stellar rubber elastomer from Dupont. Twisting it, bending it, or dropping it will have no effect on this accessory as it goes back to its original shape without any damage.
  • Great design: What would you rather bring with you? A messy USB cord or this sleek accessory?

To use this you simply plug one end to your smartphone and the other end to a vacant USB port. Once done your device will start charging. Aside from charging you can also use this to transfer data from a computer to your smartphone and vice versa.

For those who live an active lifestyle and can’t afford to have their phone battery get drained then this accessory is definitely worth checking out.

You can order this from the Nomad website. It costs $29 for the micro USB version and $29 for the Apple Lightning version.

NomadKey Review: The Best Partner For Your Smartphone NomadKey Review: The Best Partner For Your Smartphone Reviewed by Unknown on 9/15/2014 01:40:00 PM Rating: 5

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