TrackR bravo Lets You Find Your Stuff Easily

Are you constantly forgetting where you placed your car keys? Or do you leave your home to buy some groceries and you just realized you forgot your wallet? You are not alone as it has happened at one time or another to all of us. The good news is that with the help of our current technology you can now track you items easily if you misplace them.

TrackR bravo is a simple device that eliminates the need to spend countless minutes finding your lost keys. It is the size of a large coin and can be attached to almost anything. You can place it inside your wallet, attach it to your keychain, or place it in your bike.

The device works by pairing itself to your Android 4.4 smartphone using Bluetooth. It’s got a 100 foot range and requires a companion app that needs to be installed in your phone.

Let’s say you attach the TrackR bravo to your keychain and you lose you keychain. Simply open the tracker app on your smartphone and you can see how far away the lost item is. With a tap on the screen you can even let the TrackR bravo emit a high pitched sound to help you find where exactly it is located.

This also works the other way around. If you misplace your smartphone simply press the button on the device and your phone will ring even if it is in silent mode.

The device also uses crowdsourcing technology to track your lost item. If your lost item is within range of another TrackR bravo device then you will receive a GPS update of where your item was last located.

Some of its features include
  • Distance Indicator
  • Phone Finder
  • Separation Alert
  • Item Ringer
  • Crowd GPS
  • Fully customizable

The team behind this device launched an Indiegogo campaign to find its development with a target of raising $20,000. The campaign period has already ended and is quite a huge success with $1,298,439. The first batch of devices are expected to ship this coming January 2015 with one unit expected to cost at $29.

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