Xiaomi to Launch Bluetooth Gaming Controller

One of the problems with gaming on Android phones or tablets is that the virtual controls can often get in the way of the game display. If you are playing a game that requires a certain degree of skill and accuracy then the virtual controls are not the best option. This is why several companies have been releasing Bluetooth gaming controllers for Android devices.

Xiaomi, one of the fastest growing Android manufacturers, has just added another product to its portfolio called the Xiaomi Bluetooth gaming controller. It’s going to go on sale this coming September 25 in China with the first 300 customers able to get this for only 1 RMB or roughly US$0.16.

Very little detail has been released so far regarding this controller and what we know about it we have seen from the company’s Chinese website. We can safely say that this is going to be compatible with all Xiaomi smartphones as well as Android phones from other manufacturers since it uses a Bluetooth 3.0 connection.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth gaming controller is powered by two AA batteries however I don’t know how long the battery can be used before it needs to be recharged. As far as gaming compatibility goes there are several titles that can work with this controller including Shadowgun Deadzone. I’m guessing any title that works with a Bluetooth gaming controller will also work with this Xiaomi model.

This controller looks similar to an Xbox controller. It has a D Pad, dual analog sticks, dual left and right triggers, as well as the usual XYAB button.
As of this writing there is still no information as to how much this controller will cost or when it will become available in the international market. Knowing the sales strategy of Xiaomi I’m pretty sure that this controller will be selling at a low price.

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