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I recently finished setting up a budget gaming desktop computer which I planned on using for running my Steam games. It’s a relatively powerful rig that uses the Intel Core i5 7400 processor paired with 16 GB of HyperX DDR4 RAM and a GTX 1050ti GPU. It’s capable of running some of the latest AAA games at decent frame rates while older games can run at more than 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution.

With the hardware side of the setup the next step was to concentrate on the software. Since I didn’t have a legitimate Windows 10 license the first thing I did was to install Linux Mint 19.1 then tested my Steam games on it. Everything worked great however one problem I faced is that not all of the games I purchased have a Linux version. The popular titles such as DOTA 2 and CS:GO are available however some of the other RPG games that I regularly play are not available. In as much as I wanted to continue using Linux Mint I had to switch to the Windows platform to fully take advantage of my Steam account.
Those experienced with installing Windows 10 know that there are several options that can be done.
    • Leave the operating system unactivated. While this won’t affect the system performance you will keep on getting the annoying message prompting you to activate the system.
    • Use an activator program such as KMSpico. This will however leave your system vulnerable to malware or viruses.
    • Get a legitimate product key. While this will cost some money it will give you the assurance that your system is secure.
Of the three options available I chose the later as I wanted a legitimate version of Windows 10. There are several online stores that sell product keys, usually at much lower prices than what Microsoft has listed. One such store is If you check their website you will see various Microsoft products sold at less than the retail price which is quite affordable for the regular PC user. 
At first I was hesitant on buying a Windows 10 license key from as I didn’t have previous experience buying from them. All I know is that when I Google searched for a license their website was on top of the list.

The good thing about ordering from is that they have a “try now, pay later” plan where you can order a product key from them and use it for up to three days. You can make the payment after you have tested that the key is working. I availed of this plan just to test if what they advertised is real.

Guess what? After ordering my Windows 10 license it was sent in less than an hour and when I used it to activate my copy of Windows 10 Professional it was immediately accepted. One more thing, the license is linked to my Microsoft account which means that I can change any piece of hardware in my desktop ( motherboard, processor, hard disk, etc.) and I will still have a licensed copy of Windows 10 Professional as long as I log in using the Microsoft account. I can do a complete format of the computer and do a full installation without any problems.

My gaming desktop has been running on a fully licensed copy of Windows 10 Professional for almost a month now and I haven’t experienced any problems with. I am quite happy with my purchase and plan to buy from again as I am in need of a Microsoft Office license.

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